An enchanting country that Thailand is, much can be anticipated concerning breathtaking natural beauty from many of its many tourist spots, from the most popular to the lesser known but equally amazing destination. One of these spots is the Krabi province in the southern portion of the beautiful Kingdom. This particular destination is an all-in-one traveler’s paradise, offering tranquil
Inland attractions, relaxing beach experience, along with its original magnificent sceneries. Historical buildings, marinas and yacht havens, monuments and museums, parks and natural attractions, religious sites, in addition to theaters and concert halls, will create your Krabi tours experience one of the finest Thai travel you will ever have.
As a backgrounder, you may Want to consider a few of the following choice places in this regal Thai province:

This specific place in Krabi, situated on the east coast of Lanta Island, has one irresistible charm, a means of life which has remained unchanged for the previous 100 decades, giving people an opportunity to have a glimpse of its residents have lived their lives in the past. Vast majority of homes and stores alike are built on stilts. Now, an increasing number of Westerners have now settled with Thai-Buddhist, Thai-Chinese, Thai-Muslim, and Chao-Lai (Sea Gypsy) inhabitants that occupy the 100 year old teak-wood-lined streets.

Covering an area of 134 square km, this park is comprised mainly of mountains and deep slopes, together with the plain areas to be located only in a beach at its southern place. Most areas of this national park is composed of 35% incline, with the exception of the middle part that’s composed of 50% slope. The height of this geographical feature begins from 100 meters, using the highest peak at 488 meters above sea level.

Located across the end of the west shore of Mu Koh Lanta National Park, The Lighthouse provides a panoramic view of this southernmost aspect of the island, being seated in an area which can be obtained only by climbing a three kilometer mountainous dirt passing. It’s also an superb vantage point for watching sunsets, wherein you may also have a fantastic view of the beach.

The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum is one of the museums in Southeast Asia home the many diverse and different art pieces. More specifically, this museum is a testament to the transformation of traditional Thai painting using its slow assimilation of Western influence. It’s but one of many museums in Thailand that serves as a venue for Thai artist displaying their masterpieces which has over time has become a medium for tackling social, cultural, political, as well as environmental issues.